It was the Summer of 2016 when Swedish singer/songwriter Daniel Norgren performed his first ever show in the US. Taking place in the wooded backdrop of Oregon's Pickathon Festival, the European folk artist was largely unknown, but by the end of the festival following three sets in front of stunned audiences, Norgren became the must-see act of the weekend. Vinyl Me, Please writer Levi Sheppard sets the scene at Pickathon, detailing "A simple stage with barely enough room for a 3-man crew in front of a significant crowd, in the middle of the forest. It was no Coachella, and thankfully no Fyre Festival, but in the best way possible - a large crowd gathered, but draped in a canopy of trees in the woods, the setting was still very intimate. There on stage, Daniel Norgren sat playing piano as if he was playing in his living room."

Although his name may be unfamiliar in the US, Norgren has built an astounding career over the past 10 years in his home country and across Europe including an extensive catalog and an exponentially-growing audience where fans would be lucky to catch him at a venue smaller than 1,000 people. Today, in collaboration with Vinyl Me, Please, Norgren is making his first US release with Skogens Frukter (Fruits of the Forest), a limited edition vinyl-only issue on beautiful marbled Northern Lights colored vinyl pressed to 1,000 copies. To celebrate the release, OPB Music & NPR Music are debuting a live video of "People Are Good" captured at Pickathon. 

Skogens Frukter is an essential mix of past album favorites like "Are We Running Out of Love?," "Moonshine Got Me," and "Everything You Know Melts Away Like Snow" along with previously unreleased "People Are Good," as well as new ambient tracks "Where Are You Going?" and "Furry White." A multi-instrumentalist whose expertise includes guitar, piano, harmonica, and accordian, Norgren's sound is distinctly homegrown and authentic. His songs are incredibly powerful with a knack for catchy melodies and vocal harmonies that will have you humming his songs for weeks at a time.