Open Road is an album by Dave Davies & Russ Davies, two musicians coming from different eras and backgrounds in music fusing their collective experience into a deeply honest and inspiring LP. Together they have crafted a beautiful pop rock album, bringing together their own personal history and experience into a molten expression of sentimental acoustic songs and anthemic rock hits; telling stories of love, memories, and freedom for the human spirit. Open Road will be released on March 31st, 2017.

Dave Davies is a musician who needs little introduction, as a founder member of legendary rock group The Kinks; his guitar sound, unique style and song writing has shaped the landscape of rock and pop music across generations. A pioneering rock guitarist who singlehandedly changed rock-n-roll when he sliced his little green Elpico amp speaker with a razor blade, creating the first heavy metal guitar tone and riff. This revolutionary guitar sound propelled the Kinks into stardom with the global smash hits ‘You Really Got Me’ and 'All Day and All of the Night', followed by numerous other classics over the next decades. Daves music is as relevant today as it was in the 60s, having released in recent years several critical acclaimed albums on Sony’s Red River Entertainment.  This spring 2017 the Rock N Roll Hall of Famer returns to the stage for a USA tour celebrating the release of his new album Open Road as well as highlighting his Kinks legacy, and to promote an exciting new feature length film being released later in 2017 "Dave Davies: Strangers" by son Martin Davies.

"As lead guitarist and co-founder of the Kinks, Dave Davies is one of the most unpredictable and original forces in rock,” enthuses writer Bill Crowley,“His distinctive guitar style went on to have major impact on several key guitar-rock styles, including heavy metal and punk.  A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Dave's massive guitar sounds have inspired bands from Van Halen to Green Day."

Russ Davies is well known artist in the global electronic dance music scene, having produced over 15 albums and toured the world over with his alter-egos Abakus and Cinnamon Chasers.

Cinnamon Chasers gained major notoriety with the track and music video for Luv Deluxe which won the SXSW Award for Best Music Video. The video has been a viral hit on the Internet with over 10 million views on the web.  Russ' music has appeared and been commissioned for numerous TV, film and game placements,  including Vanity Fair, Sony Playstation, Calvin Klein, Spotify, Castrol Oil, Vanity Fair and Avon.

A multi-instrumentalist and adept at lending his broad skill set as a producer to bringing together a diverse range of influences and genres into his unique modern compositions.  Russ has performedhis electronica live sets across the globe over the last 12 years including shows at leading EDM festivals Lights All Night (USA), Counter Point (USA), Wakarusa (USA), Labyrinth(Japan), Camp Bisco (NY), Exit (Serbia), Electric Castle (Romania), Rainbow Serpent (Oz) and Glade (UK). 


Dave on working with Russ on Open Road:

I have watched Russ’ talent and art develop and blossom over the years. I had been waiting for an opportunity like this. I sensed that the time was right for him to work with me on this type of project and he sensed it also.

From the early demos he first sent to me I perceived an almost spiritual calling. Open Road is a true and pure collaboration in its finest sense of the word built on 'allowing' IT to happen. This project grew out of pure LOVE and inspiration - to use Russ’ words, 'You and I we need to TRUST'. I feel so immensely proud of and privileged to be a part of this project. From his delicate almost transcendental yet methodical approach to his production of this album to the fusion of our mutual ideas, emotions and experiences which form the backdrop of this music to the clear blues skies that await each listener – as we journey on our path on our own OPEN ROAD.

Working with my son was a delight and he made me realize a lot about myself. I love it. I think it's one of the most exciting pieces of work I’ve been involved in. It was an emotionally purifying process and at times it made me realize a lot of the great things about the earlier days when me and Ray worked together with that feeling and safety of being with someone you trust. I feel an almost strange magnetic loving energy pervading through the whole work. I found it very demanding emotionally and I wanted it to have integrity. Russ made me open up and be very honest about my feelings. We rarely clashed as we both intuitively knew what the other needed and wanted. Our voices blended well together. He has both high and low textures to his voice that were a joy to sing with when we worked on vocal layering. Russ’ production is clean and structured, inspirational, warm and hypnotic. Russ laid down most of the basic structures of the tracks and I enjoyed how he inspired my guitar solos. All collaboration is compromise but I am so excited and pleased with the finished result. Even though Russ is my son we happened to both gel with the ideals, stories and motives of the work; the honesty, the purity of it, and its deceptive simplicity and wonder of it.

- Dave Davies 2017


Russ on working with Dave on Open Road:

Its been a lot of fun and quite an unexpected journey to work with Dave on what has been our first song writing album together.

Dave is a gifted and sensitive songwriter and writes honest and beautiful melodies, a quality which I feel has been mostly over shadowed by his big rock guitar sound. Songs of his such as Imaginations Real, When You Were A Child, and Strangers, all have these infectious and emotional vocal lines which have been woven into my being (and many others) since I myself was a child, growing up with his songs. I've always felt it's this emotionally sensitive style of writing that he has touched on throughout his career which I personally identify with the most, and because of this I really wanted to try to find a way to bring this out and showcase this side of his writing. 

In the past I've tended to work on more electronically focused music, with more atmospheric vocals and processed instruments. But with this album I really had the desire to produce this record in the most organic way I could, and try to capture some of the old rock spirit whilst bringing some new energy to the table. I feel we've created an honest and natural sound, un-perfectionist and rough at the edges, but with plenty of character and vibe - we are both proud of how the record turned out.

Dave and I actually recorded the vast majority of this album in different countries, I live in Lisbon in Portugal and Dave was in the UK. But we've written together a fair bit over the last 20 years so we are comfortable working together and know how each other think and work creatively. We would be bouncing ideas across to each from a very early phase, each song would generally start with a live drum track and some basic music sequence, then we'd begin by both laying down different guitar parts and hooks, suggesting lyrics and vocal hooks, chord changes, until some kind of cohesive music form and arrangement would start to emerge. It was an organic and truly collaborative process and we worked very closely on every creative aspect to summon the song together as a mutual force.

Working with Dave is a fluid process and we both seem to share some kind of psychic connection and understanding of how the song is forming and where we want it to go, and Dave is able follow the creative process in an organic way which makes the collaborative writing process fun. I think we are both like that, I also aim to follow creative energy organically, rather than stubbornly pursue a preconceived ideal in my head; and as Dave is also able to work in that way and I think that makes it easier to work witih people.  When you can let go and just sail down the creative river freely then it's a pleasant journey.


Russ Davies - 2017