In February of 2018, Boston-based Jake Brennan launched and self-released the first episode of his podcast Disgraceland, a new true crime podcast about musicians getting away with murder and behaving very badly. In less than a year, Brennan has released two seasons of the Disgraceland podcast, totaling 24 episodes, which have tackled musicians and their dark scandals, such as Jerry Lee LewisJohn LennonBig LurchLisa “Left Eye” Lopes and many more. 

Almost immediately the podcast found a rabid fanbase and was met with mass critical acclaim that saw outlets like Complex say, “Disgraceland is the kind of podcast that will suck you in and make you binge half a dozen episodes before you realize what happened,” and The Guardian proclaiming, “Narrator Jake Brennan oozes rock’n’roll scandal as he delivers stories about dodgy antics from pop stars with criminal connections in his hypnotic drawl.” 

Variety named it “One of the 10 Best Music Podcasts” and called it the “rock ‘n’ roll version of the Peabody Award-winning Serial,” while Thrillist named it “One of the Best New Podcasts of 2018” and said, “Brennan’s voice is soothing and articulate, and he delivers nuggets of lesser-known information with the confidence and clarity of a creator who clearly loves what he’s doing.”

To cap off a banner year that saw Disgraceland hit #7 on Apple’s overall podcast chart (ahead of podcasting heavyweights like WTF with Marc Maron, This American Life & Fresh Air), Disgraceland was names one of Apple Podcasts' Best of 2018.

Both seasons of Disgraceland are now available to stream at and via iHeart RadioSpotifyAppleStitcherRadio Publicand Google Play.