Swedish Artist Daniel Norgren Makes His US Introduction

Swedish folk-rock artist Daniel Norgren makes his US introduction with Skogens Frukter (Fruits of the Forest), a limited edition vinyl-only issue on marbled Northern Lights colored vinyl available now exclusively through Vinyl Me, Please. To celebrate the release, NPR Music debuted a live video of "People Are Good," a previously unreleased song that's featured on the album.

Last summer, he played his first ever US show at Pickathon 2016 and became the must-see act of the weekend following three sets in front of stunned audiences. Although his name may be unfamiliar in the US, Norgren has built an astounding career over the past 10 years in his home country and across Europe including an extensive catalog and an exponentially-growing audience where fans would be lucky to catch him at a venue smaller than 1,000 people. A multi-instrumentalist whose expertise includes guitar, piano, harmonica, and accordion, Norgren's sound is distinctly homegrown, authentic, and powerful.