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Public Media Campaigns

MISSING PIECE is the premier firm for outreach to all national NPR/talk radio outlets, as well as working all local NPR/Talk/non-comm outlets in tour markets. More and more labels are turning to MISSING PIECE as NPR appearances drive instantaneous sales increases, immediately trackable at Amazon and iTunes.


MISSING PIECE offers several services to get your artist/project on PBS, navigating the confusing confederacy that is public broadcasting:


MISSING PIECE will pitch multiple PBS outlets to partner on production and distribution of a pledge drive. We would look to bring in contribution of a significant license fee, hammering out all deal points. We consult on content, ensuring that show has strong appeal to PBS member stations. We also have strong relationships with production companies to help bring in budgets at substantially lower cost, thereby making production on these shows affordable. Lead time from start date on project to on-air, 6-9 months minimum.


MISSING PIECE will pitch PBS distribution entities to distribute and air already existing full length concert programming, working with labels to launch pledge drives to coincide with overall strategy for audio releases (and tour dates, where applicable).


MISSING PIECE will directly pitch local public television stations to ensure most extensive carriage of pledge specials once national distribution is in place. Pledge programming is determined locally by each station, so outreach must be done to each programmer in their respective markets to make sure your show gets aired.


Work with label, management, PBS contacts to arrange for product to be sold to PBS stations for pledge use, including negotiation of “station price” and development of exclusive products for use as pledge drive premiums.

Work with PBS and NPR outlets to ensure complete blanketing of all public media facets therein.


  • Pursue investment by PBS for production of performance pledge programs
  • Placement/booking on PBS series (Austin City Limits, Live at the Artists Den, Tavis Smiley)
  • PBS stations serve 80 million Americans in almost 50 million households each week
  • PBS primetime audience is significantly larger than many cable channels including HBO, History Channel, Discovery Channel, CNN, The Learning Channel and Bravo according to recent Nielsen research


  • has 3.5 million unique monthly visitors according to Quantcast
  • Total audience of 31 million Americans each week on 860 independently operated, noncommercial public radio stations
  • Morning Edition and All Things Considered are the second and third most listened to radio programs in the U.S. 13.5 million listeners tune in weekly on over 560 radio stations
  • NPR appearances drive instantaneous sales increases on Amazon and impact overall weekly Soundscan numbers
  • iTunes support of adult artists frequently begins after NPR highlights these acts, driving future features (and sales) at that store


  • All details of sales to PBS member stations
  • Additional talk radio and performance opportunities in all tour markets
  • Interviews/reviews on national programs including All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Fresh Air as well as All Songs Considered podcast
  • Performance bookings on World Cafe, Mountain Stage, Woodsongs Radio Hour, Acoustic Cafe
  • In-person interviews on local public radio programs during tours/promo tours
  • Previews of content on site, and placement/coverage on station sites and around bookings
  • Pledge premium use of products on major market stations

Information! For more detailed information, download: PDF – Public Television and Public Radio Marketing Proposal