Every Sunday morning since October of 2017, Reina del Cid has shared a song with her fans via her YouTube channel, generally over a cup of coffee and often with a rotating cast of guests and bandmates. Whether it’s a preview of a new song or a cover of classic tune (she’s especially fond of Patsy Cline and Paul Simon), Reina del Cid shows up, week after week, with a new offering. Since she began her Sunday Mornings series, the YouTube channel has amassed over 30 million views and a loyal following of 127,000 subscribers that tune in weekly to take in her weekly musical offerings. These viewers don’t stay home and watch their screens, either. They turn up and sell out venues all over the world to see Reina in the flesh on non-Sundays as well. The constant touring can be grueling, but the changing scenery allows for interesting backdrops for the videos: Reina and her most frequent musical partner, guitarist Toni Lindgren, have been seen singing on anextreme ledge in the Grand Canyon, strumming guitars on a busy intersection in downtown Vienna, or perched on a canal in front of Prague’s brightly colored Old Town district. 

Long before she adopted the moniker Reina del Cid and developed a music career online, Rachelle Cordova was a quiet, bookish kid from Fargo, ND. In the summers she tended sugar beet crops with her dad, writing down lyrics and poems in a notebook on the long drives out to beet fields scattered across North Dakota and Minnesota. She graduated with summa cum laude honors from the University of Minnesota where she was a Jackie Robinson scholar and a Rhodes Scholar finalist. She met Toni Lindgren, a skilled guitarist from Fond du Lac, WI, while attending the university, and the two formed a musical bond that has spanned 8 years, four studio albums, countless tours, and over a hundred Sunday Mornings videos. 

The group’s new full length album, Morse Code, will be the first album they have released since building their Sunday Mornings fanbase online, and she wanted to capture the spirit of the roving Sunday Morning videos. The 12 songs on this album have an unfiltered feeling to them, and they lean heavily toward the acoustic end of the aural spectrum with minimal processing, just like the live performance videos Del Cid posts to her channel every week. Featured are Del Cid’s trademark clever rhymes and story-telling lyrics coupled with lead guitarist Toni Lindgren’s unique blend of adroit flat-picking and bluesy, soulful riffs that fans have come to know throughout the band’s previous releases.  Morse Code will be released worldwide on October 4, 2019 digitally and on CD with vinyl slated for release in early 2020. 

WATCH SUNDAY MORNINGS WITH REINA DEL CID: http://youtube.com/reinadelcid