Alt-rock godfather and Chainsaw Kittens frontman, Tyson Meade, is back yet again with another fabulous new album, Robbing the Nuclear Family.  Like his critically-acclaimed 2014 solo release Tomorrow in Progress, which included fantastic contributions from Smashing Pumpkins’ Jimmy Chamberlin, Other Lives’ Jesse Tabish, and The Flaming Lips’ Derek Brown, Robbing features contributions from elder statesmen of the Beijing rock scene PK 14, Shanghai violinist Haffijy, The Flaming Lips’ Matt Duckworth, and Grammy-award winning drummer Rob Martin.  Robbing also has the heavy imprint of multi-instrumentalist David “Immy” Immerglück of alternative rock greats Counting Crows, Camper Van Beethoven, and the Monks of Doom.  Meade says of Immerglück’s contribution to one of the songs on Robbing, ““I sent Immy ‘Confused 22’ and I said ‘ok so imagine this song and it’s basically if John Lennon went into a time machine and wound up at the Led Zeppelin III sessions but in the next room Rickie Lee Jones and Black Francis from The Pixies were having a fist fight. That’s what I want this song to sound like’. And he’s like ‘Got it!’”  As well as playing numerous instruments on the album, Immerglück assisted Clay Blair in producing Robbing at the legendary Boulevard Recording studio in Hollywood.  Immerglück had this to say about his work on Robbing :  “One of my all time fave recording projects - Tyson’s an incorrigible genius and needs to be spanked! Space Bass Face, Taco truck research, whirly tubes . . . yes, hilarity ensued!”   Grammy-award winning mixer and fellow Chainsaw Kitten, Trent Bell, recorded Martin’s and Duckworth’s stellar drum work—and the drum work on Robbing is stellar indeed!  This global, star-studded lineup is again a testament to Meade’s continued influence on alternative rock.  As Brooklyn Vegan wrote in 2014, “Tyson Meade has fronted not one but two influential bands. In the '80s he fronted cult band Defenestration (Kurt Cobain counted them as an influence on Nirvana), and got more attention in the '90s with the glammy Chainsaw Kittens (Iggy Pop and Smashing Pumpkins were fans).”  In all, this is Meade’s tenth full-length album.  Jett Plastic Recordings declares Robbing as “A sophisticated and experimental musical statement that fully exhibits Meade’s creativity and relevance.  This may just be Meade’s most accomplished studio effort thus far.”  Through the years, Meade—and his legendary three-octave voice—has toured with Iggy Pop, Smashing Pumpkins, Jane’s Addiction, the Meat Puppets, and many others.  Butch Vig and John Agnello have produced his albums.  Spike Jonze, George Salisbury, and Phil Harder have directed his videos.  And The Flaming Lips have covered his songs.  Robbing will sonically mesmerize you, and given Meade’s penchant for perceptive lyrics, the songs are highly relevant given today’s politically charged atmosphere.